With the deep understanding of customer needs within mobile phoneafter market business, REWA has beendedicating itself to be the industry benchmarking of quality control.
Who We Are
How We Do
What We Want
Like most great companies, REWA also comes with a humble start - a small booth who sold PDA parts. Our business grew up together with the booming smartphone industry and demands of quality aftermarket parts from customers. This was not an easy journey for any REWAer who experienced it, but we are all proud of the history, because all the failures and successes will help to realize our dream in the future.
   REWA was founded by a group of people with the same business philosophy at the very beginning. The Core Values and Mission are the DNA of our success in the past as well as the future we believe. While the Vision we have can only be realized by constantly creating unique values for our customers and embracing any challenges on the road.
To Be a Global Leading Electronics Repair Business Solutions Provider
We want to create the most economical eco-friendly and efficient aftermarket solutions for mobile phone industry.
Maximize the Value of Each Device
Extending the life cycle of cell phone is equal to reduce the negative impact on our environment and save resources of the planet.
Be Optimistic, Give First and Strive for Excellence
Whenever we are facing choices, we need to keep these principles in our mind. It doesn't matter who are the audiences, just be a good person.