Aftermarket Solutions to Calibrate iPhone Battery Health on iOS 17.4

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iOS 17.4 has introduced numerous new features, primarily focusing on battery health and aftermarket repair. An in-depth video analysis conducted by REWA Tech reveals the changes to the battery health display on iPhones, introducing a new level of transparency to the iPhone 15 series, including detailed battery health percentages, cycle counts, and dates corresponding to the manufacture and initial use of the device. However, the video also discusses the challenges faced by third parties due to the newly imposed restrictions, despite these advancements.

Learn how earlier iPhone models are affected by iOS 17.4 and what to expect if you completed a battery health repair before updating. The video assures viewers that battery health repair for these models is not affected by the update. It exposes the challenges faced by independent repair shops when faced with Apple's stringent policies, while emphasizing the importance of the right to repair, which ensures that users are in control of how they maintain their devices.

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