How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Not Charging

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Samsung Galaxy S8 plus comes with high quality but still there have been certain cases where people have had issues with their 

Samsung Galaxy not charging properly. In this video Samsung S8+ can't charge problem is caused by faulty PMIC. The PMIC 

could be easily damaged because of incompatible charging device and user's bad charging habits. Therefore, the damaged PMIC

leads to abnormal status of charging circuit, which results in not charging issue of the phone. Confirm the fault component by 

running voltage measurement of charging circuit first. Then complete the repairing work by replacing the charging PMIC.Let's 

check the video to see how to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 plus won't charge.

Tools Used:

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Hot Air Gun Rework Station - 990AD

Digital Multimeter

Curved Hook Tweezer

Optical Microscope

Soft Brush - type 4

Sculpture Knife - Type 1

BGA Strip Flux Soldering Paste

PCB Holder - Type 1

0.1mm Gold LCD Cutting Wire - 1500M

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